Vita Brevis Breviter In Brevi Finietu

Vita Brevis Breviter In Brevi Finietu

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Photo Every Day #221

Today we went to Southport. It was a last minute decision, but has been a really good day out. Firstly, we walked around the Pleasure Land fairground, we didn't go on any rides as we're trying to not spend a bomb!

We did go to see a palm reader who had a booth at the fair. I was skeptical and a bit scared of hearing anything bad or that I didn't want to know, but in the end it was quite good really! She told me that I was in a good relationship with the boy, we'd get engaged when we were ready, possibly get married overseas and we'd have 3 kids! Not sure about that last bit yet, maybe just have one and see how we get on from there! She also said there would be no serious illnesses for me in the future, I'd be lucky in my career and it would start to take off and I'd be much more settled in my career in the next year, which sounds great to me! She said I was straight forward, I say my opinion and am a very up and down person, which I think it dead on really. She also said travel would be a big part of my life, my lucky colour is pink and my lucky number is 9. I'm not sure I believe it 100%, I can definately see why it sucks people in though, it really is nice to hear someone who doesn't know you say nice things are going to happen to you.

After the fair, we went for a walk on the beach and walked about a mile to get to the sea. It was a super warm day so half way down we decided to go barefoot! When we actually got to the sea, it was surprisingly warm, so we had a good paddle whilst taking tons of photos with the Oktomat, Spinner and Diana F+. It's still my first time using the Oktomat and second roll of film for the Spinner so I'm praying they turn out well!

We went for dinner at Frankie & Bennys, then drove the scenic way home looking for photography locations. So all in all a good day. however, I am, once again sunburnt! Good bye beautiful pale skin, sad face!

Under The Pier:
Under The Pier

Barefooted Boy:
Under The Pier

Song Of The Day: Katy Perry - Electric Feel
Reason: Really good live lounge cover

Highligh Of The Day: Paddling in the sea.

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