Vita Brevis Breviter In Brevi Finietu

Vita Brevis Breviter In Brevi Finietu

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Photo Every Day #308

Quick one as I'm now super tired! We've just had a trip to A&E as the boy had gone over on his ankle whilst playing badminton this morning. We did have the 'pleasure' of encountering some pure idiotic individuals.

The first, a scruffy man who asked reception to call him a taxi. Fair enough. The receptionist told him that there was a phone in the corner he could use. He said he didn't have any cash and could they pay for the call. The receptionist told him it was free to use for taxis. Then he said 'are you paying for it', the receptionist repeated that it was free. Then he say 'no I mean are you going to give me the money for my taxi'. He then proceeded to act like they were doing him a disservice by him having been there.

We then had 2 underage teen girls walking. They were clearly drunk and one girl 'couldn't remember how' she had cut her knee. The other girl was clearly there just so she'd have a story to show off and brag about to her other friends for the next few days. They spent the next 40 minutes making around 10 calls to friends, laughing and joking as loud as they could under a 'please turn mobiles off' sign.

Whilst we were waiting for xray to come get us, we could hear a man screaming as though he was being tortured, begging almost for his life. Once we came out of xray, there were around 4 police officers and a couple of criminals (one was crying and neither looked injured) sat in the waiting area.

When we got seen for the second time, we encountered the most miserable nurse I've ever seen (and I know some pretty miserable people sadly). Even when we tried to make a polite joke with her she couldn't even pretend to laugh. She didn't make eye contact with us once throughout and spoke with such a monotone voice. The one thing I hate is when people providing a service can't be bothered to use basic manners?! Maybe they should start trying to reform the NHS by teaching it's staff some basic manners...

It turns out the boy's ankle isn't broken though, just severely sprained. Which means a couple days off for him and me stealing his crutches. 

Swollen Ankle:
Swollen Ankle

Faking An Injury:

Song Of The Day: Lana Del Rey - Lolita
Reason: Just in love with her and addicted to her music!

Highlight Of The Day: Nice first day at my new job (more on that tomorrow)

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