Vita Brevis Breviter In Brevi Finietu

Vita Brevis Breviter In Brevi Finietu

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Photo Every Day #122

Tonight I went to a BBQ at a friends house. It was nice to eat BBQ food and have a laugh. I feel that I never really spend any time relaxing at the moment as the house is always a mess or I'm working. So I'm going to make it my mission to have at least one evening a week where I just get in bed and just chill out and watch films.

Song Of The Day: Professor Green - Remedy
Reason: Love Pro Green! Think he's really different to most rappers.

Highlight Of The Day: Chilling with friends.

Inspiration Of The Day: Getting a big sale in work, makes me feel like I want to do even better now!

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