Vita Brevis Breviter In Brevi Finietu

Vita Brevis Breviter In Brevi Finietu

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Photo Every Day #14

Today's PED is of my 'film shelf' which contains my vintage film cameras, both of my degrees, and a rather lovely photo of me in my BA degree graduation robes. I watched Of Freaks & Men today, a Russian film about the development of pornography from photographic stills to motion films. It is a bizarre film with strange characters but well worth a watch! It has stunning sepia tainted cinematography which gives it a really authentic feel. This has had me thinking all day about how to get my ideas surrounding creating my own 'old movie' style short.

Song Of The Day: Alexisonfire - Rough Hands
Reason: A really beautiful song with lyrics I can identify with.

"Sometimes love isn't about how much someone suits you
but how much you're willing to change to suit them"

"Well I'm not saying she's my last.
I'm just saying that she could have been"

Camera Collective:
Camera Collective

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