Vita Brevis Breviter In Brevi Finietu

Vita Brevis Breviter In Brevi Finietu

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Photo Every Day #96

Today I did a bit of editing. I didn't feel like looking at the ones I took whilst at the Cotswolds so instead I chose to edit this photo from our third trip to the abandoned airfield. I wanted to do something to tie in in to my previous edit of the toilet lid on the floor. I'd love to shoot a horror film or fashion film here!

The Cold Corner:
The Cold Corner

Song Of The Day: Lana Del Rey - This Is What Makes Us Girls
Reason: "We all look for heaven and we put our love first"

Highlight Of The Day: Feeling happy with an edit!

Inspiration Of The Day: The photographer who captured this beauty of an image. She's a 16 year old called Solara Santoni.

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